Selecting the proper shapes and sizes of Red Light Therapy pads for your patients’ needs is not at all difficult, but it is a very important step in ensuring that your treatment sessions will effectively provide your patients with the fastest possible pain relief and the greatest support.

As a rule, to achieve the most effective treatment, the pads in your system should cover the entire body area that requires pain relief and an increase in circulation. Although the precise measurements of pads varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, the table below lists the best pads for treating common patient issues:

Pad Sizes:For Relieving Pain in:
Large Rectangular PadUpper/Lower Back; Hip; Shoulder; Upper/Lower Arm; Knee; Thigh
Medium Rectangular PadOne or Both Hands; Elbow; Upper/Lower Back; Shoulder; Upper/Lower Arm; Thigh
Long & Narrow PadLimbs; Feet; Joints (Can be wrapped around Elbows; Knees; Wrists; and Ankles with Velcro to treat all sides at once)
Small Rectangular PadNeck; TMJ Area; Hands; Localized Area
Foot “Boot”*Sole of the Foot; Top of the Foot; Ankle

* Some manufacturers offer single and dual boot packages.

Pad Perspectives for Practitioners

For Chiropractors and Physical Therapists:

Both chiropractors and physical therapists encounter a vast range of patient issues each workday.  So having the largest selection possible of therapy pads of varying sizes and shapes is highly recommended. But if you have to start out with only two pads, then purchase the largest pad possible for upper and lower back issues, and also a long rectangular pad that can be wrapped around joints and extremities. But one, or better yet, two, boots for your patients with foot pain are also highly recommended. 

For Acupuncturists:

Purchasing medium or large-sized pads for your system will bring your patients the most benefit. Pads can be strategically placed at acupoints where greater circulation and energy flow are needed before, during, or after needling. Also, having larger therapy pads in your system will allow you to offer Red Light Therapy as a stand-alone option if a patient has fear of needles.

For Massage Therapists:

Besides reducing pain in soft tissues and muscles, Red Light Therapy can penetrate deeply into joints to provide a deeper level of pain relief from arthritis, stiffness, or injury than massage alone can achieve. So make sure to purchase a long rectangular pad for your system that can be wrapped around a hip, shoulder, knee, elbow, or ankle if needed while you are doing your handwork on other areas of the body.

For Podiatrists:

Red Light Therapy boots for treating foot pain and other foot problems are a “must-have” for every podiatrist’s office. Alternatives can be a small pad for top or bottom of foot, or long pad to cover entire foot or lower leg.

The Bottom Line

Of course, the more pads of different shapes and sizes that you have for your therapy system, the more functional it will be for treating any issue that your patients may exhibit. Taking the time now to select the best pads for your patients’ needs will ensure that your Red Light Therapy system successfully benefits your practice for many years to come. If you would like to learn more about the different kinds of pads Energia Medical offers, fill out our contact us form and/or call us at 833-429-4040. 

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