Reduce Pain and Increase
Circulation with Energia
Medical Light Therapy

That’s Why We’re Dedicated to
Increasing Access to Light Therapy

Everyday Pain in US

25.3 million American adults suffer from daily pain.

Severe Pain in US

Nearly 40 million adults experience severe levels of pain.

Societal Impact of Pain

Pain is a leading cause of disability and it is a major contributor to healthcare costs.

Prevalence of Pain

Pain effects more people in the US than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined.

Source: National Institutes For Health

What is Light

Improve patient outcomes with FDA
Listed Red Light Therapy devices.

Who Uses Light Therapy?

See how Energia Medical Light Therapy products are making a difference.


Treat yourself at home, in the car or while traveling


Help the body heal

Physical Therapists

Treat the entire body with photons of energy


Focus on the lower extremities to support the body

Pain Clinics

Reduce prescription medicines and opioids by using the healing powers of light


Treat acupuncture points and meridians with or without needles

Which Light Therapy pads and controllers should you consider?

All pads employ a USB cable for quick connections. The pads all contain multiple built in programs. Add a 3 or 6 port controller for even more flexibility in selecting treatment parameters.

Healthcare Providers

Treat in office with a 3 or 6 port system or sell pads for at home treatment by your patients, rent to patients.


Select one pad or create your own multi-pad system to meet YOUR specific needs.

Energia Medical
Outperforms The Competition

We strive to make Light Therapy safe and easy to use, and we want to make purchasing safe and easy as well.


Flat LEDs

LEDs at

True USB

Covering LEDs

Nogier and Solfeggio Frequencies

energia medical



What Our Customers Say About Us

We continue to hear about excellent patient outcomes with the use
of Energia Medical Light Therapy devices.

Cherise E.

I have been purchasing light therapy pads for our clinic from Energia Medical for several years. The service is excellent and the staff is knowledgeable.

Eric C.

I take my light therapy pads with me when I travel. I can use them in the car or the hotel after seeing clients or working at a tradeshow.

Bob D.

I had trouble walking. My feet felt like pins and needles and I had difficulty feeling the floor. Using the foot and ankle pads on both my feet and legs improved my circulation and reduced the pain. I have since gained back sensation in my feet and feel much safer walking.

Our Light Therapy Products

Patent pending design and engineering in the USA. Unique combination of pad components available no where else.

Frequently Asked Questions

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