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I have been purchasing light therapy pads for our clinic from Energia Medical for several years. The service is excellent and the staff is knowledgeable.
Clinic Owner
I take my light therapy pads with me when I travel. I can use them in the car or the hotel after seeing clients or working at a tradeshow.
Eric C.
I had trouble walking. My feet felt like pins and needles and I had difficulty feeling the floor. Using the foot and ankle pads on both my feet and legs improved my circulation and reduced the pain. I have since gained back sensation in my feet and feel much safer walking.
Bod D.
My daughter injured her foot playing field hockey. The doctors said to wear a support boot and have some physical therapy. She was told she could not play the rest of the season. After a few sessions of light therapy with the small 90 pad she was back on the field playing. She continues to treat herself every day throughout the playoffs.
Rosemary N.
I am a physical therapist who no longer practices. I have had several injuries in the last 18 months. Using the light therapy pads has significantly sped up the healing. Pain has reduced and my ability to walk has increased
Tracey L.
I injured my back while working around my house on different projects. I was in pain and uncomfortable. I could not perform my activities of daily living. The large 264 pad was the right size for my back and offered me relief from the first treatment. I improved very quickly during the first week. By the second week I was able to get back to some of my activities while treating myself daily with the light therapy pad.
Tracy M.

Healthcare Providers

Treat in office with a 3 or 6 port system or sell pads for at home treatment by your patients, rent to patients.


Select one pad or create your own multi-pad system to meet YOUR specific needs.

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