Acupuncturists, did you know that adding Red Light and Infrared Therapy to your treatment menu can bring a whole new dimension to your practice, opening the door to greater benefits for your patients that result in better patient outcomes?  That’s because the ancient traditional healing art of acupuncture and the modern day healing modality of Red Light/Infrared Therapy pair perfectly. And used together, they become a dynamic, winning treatment team that can be relied upon to deliver consistently outstanding results and bring a new flow of energy into your practice!  Here are the reasons why.

Needles and Light Waves Produce Similar Results

While acupuncture utilizes fine needles to penetrate the body in order to trigger specific meridians to relieve both acute and chronic pain and stimulate healing, Red Light and Infrared Light Therapy achieves the same beneficial results by employing light waves that are absorbed by the body.  This is because applying light “to tissues and organisms can elicit both stimulatory and inhibitory responses, depending upon the light parameters used.”[1] 

And, like the benefits produced by acupuncture, science has discovered that Red Light/Infrared Therapy “…results in beneficial therapeutic outcomes including but not limited to the alleviation of pain or inflammation, immunomodulation, and promotion of wound healing and tissue regeneration.”[2]  Red Light and Near Infrared Therapy uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in specific wavelengths in the visible and infrared spectrum that penetrate the skin and are absorbed by tissues, nerves, tendons, ligaments, organs, and even bones, to achieve fast acting pain relief and healing support.

More Similarities

Red Light/Infrared Therapy, like acupuncture, not only relieves pain and discomfort, but increases blood flow and circulation, boosts tissue oxygenation, relaxes muscles and the nervous system, and stimulates and accelerates the body’s own innate healing processes through the release of nitric oxide (NO), ATP, NADH, RNA, and other highly beneficial chemicals.

And like acupuncture, Red Light and Near Infrared Light Therapy can be used on every part of the body, helping the body regain and maintain health and wellness. Red Light/Infrared Therapy also matches acupuncture in being an all-natural, highly dependable, and cost-effective alternative to the potential risks, negative side effects, and sky-rocketing costs of pharmaceutical drugs and surgery.

Red Light/Infrared Therapy Adds Value

Red Light Therapy can add value to your treatment sessions for the simple reason that one Red Light Therapy pad can enhance circulation and relieve pain and stiffness over a large area of the body.  Also, Infrared Light Therapy may possibly enhance and augment the benefits of your needling work. Red Light/Infrared Therapy has been described by patients as being gentle, soothing, and comforting, and can help your patients to reach a deeper level of relaxation during their acupuncture treatments.

Non-Invasive, Safe, and Risk-Free

Since Red Light and Infrared Therapy is non-invasive, it generates additional value by being a treatment option for patients who are afraid of needles. Also, since the skin is never penetrated, there is no risk of bleeding, bruising, or infection. And, most importantly, Red Light/Infrared Therapy is completely safe and risk-free, as clinical studies have found that Red Light and Infrared Light Therapy “has a wide range of benefits on various patient populations, different medical indications and conditions without any serious risk of adverse effects.”[3]

How to Administer

No matter your style of acupuncture, Red Light/Infrared Therapy is extremely easy to incorporate into your treatment sessions in several ways:

Red Light/Infrared Therapy Can Boost Your Revenue:

Adding Red Light/Infrared Therapy to your treatment menu can boost the revenue of your acupuncture practice in four distinct ways:

The Bottom Line

Used together, acupuncture and Red Light/Infrared Therapy make a great treatment team!  By adding Light Therapy to your treatment menu, you can energize your practice, boost your revenue, and bring greater benefits to your patients that result in better patient outcomes and increased patient satisfaction. Red Light and Infrared Light Therapy is easy to integrate and easy to administer. Plus, Red Light/Infrared Therapy systems offer a fast ROI and are surprisingly affordable, with a wide range of systems available to meet the needs of any acupuncture practice. For more information, contact Energia Medical at 833-429-4040 or via email at

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