Knee Pain

19.5% of us suffer from knee pain. That pain may restrict movement, affect muscle control, reduce strength, and prevent mobility. Knee injuries are subcategorized into three groups – knee ligament injuries, meniscus injury, and kneecap disorders.

Sources Mayo Clinic and Institute of Medicine of the National Academies

Risk factors

A number of factors can increase your risk of having knee problems, including:

Excess weight. Being overweight or obese increases stress on your knee joints, even during ordinary activities such as walking or going up and down stairs.

Lack of muscle flexibility or strength. A lack of strength and flexibility can increase the risk of knee injuries.

Certain sports or occupations. Some sports put greater stress on your knees than do others. Jobs that require repetitive stress on the knees such as construction or farming also can increase your risk.

Previous injury. Having a previous knee injury makes it more likely that you'll injure your knee again.

- Mayo Clinic

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